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Improve UX with geofencing

Mobility brands use Radar to offer convenient location-based app experiences.

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Extensible location solutions with privacy controls, GDPR and CCPA compliance, and custom data retention.

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Open-source SDKs with industry-leading accuracy, simple documentation, flexible APIs, and turnkey integrations.

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Built for scale, processing 100B+ locations per year from 100M+ devices with enterprise-grade security and support.

Deliver relevant, timely experiences

Contextual app experiences

Increase conversion

Automatically unlock relevant content, features, and loyalty in your app to offer a great UX.

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Contextual messaging

Increase engagement

Send alerts on the road and trigger messages while at a location, near a location, or traveling to communicate updates or on-site features and encourage app usage.

In a location
Arrival and visit detection

Improve operations and attribution

Verify user location in real-time to unlock app features and prevent fraudulent usage or claims, power automatic check-in, and build segments based on traveler behavior.

On the way to a location

Radar’s service helps us to improve the open rate of our geofencing notifications and also to better understand the geography of our users. The Radar team is an excellent partner, collaborating with us to develop impactful experiences.

Adi Alimin, Vice President, Platform Products, Traveloka

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