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The location data privacy leader, with tools for compliance, data minimization, and custom data retention.

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Open-source SDKs with industry-leading accuracy, simple documentation, flexible APIs, and turnkey integrations.

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Built for scale, processing 100B+ locations per year from 100M+ devices with enterprise-grade security and support.

A unified platform to increase engagement and improve operations

Contextual messaging

Smarter messaging

Increase notification open rates up to 10x with timely location-triggered and location-targeted notifications.

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Contextual app experiences

On-premise app experiences

Increase on-premise app engagement and improve the user experience by unlocking features or content based on location.

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Arrival and visit detection

Privacy-first attribution and segmentation

Power privacy-first attribution and segmentation with your own first-party location and visit data.

Arrival and visit detection

Radar has elevated many of our campaigns and allowed us to create entirely new programming that targets users at the point of purchase and during other critical moments. With these very personalized messages, we've been able to positively impact our conversion rates and provide more engaging content.

Cassie Fernandez, Marketing Manager, Ibotta

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