Trip Tracking

Arrival tracking for curbside and in-store pickup

Eliminate customer wait time and deliver seamless pickup experiences with powerful trip tracking built directly into your app.

Arrival tracking that just works

  • Efficiently sequence orders based on accurate ETAs with our turnkey in-store dashboard
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing in-store systems and processes
  • Ensure store associates are ready when customers arrive for contactless pickup

Don't leave customers waiting

  • Increase customer satisfaction and drive loyalty by eliminating wait times
  • Avoid the challenges associated with manual user check-in
  • Engage with customers in real-time by leveraging our integrations with your marketing stack

How it works

how it works

Radar has been a close partner of Hathway and has revolutionized the role that location plays within the consumer journey. We're excited for the launch of Trip Tracking and the substantial impact it will have on the retail and QSR industries.

Jesse Dundon, CEO, Hathway

Give your customers the experience they deserve

Order-ahead that works for your unique situation
Developer friendliness lowers costs and speeds integration
Enterprise-grade, complete platform
  • Flexible platform lets you own the customer experience
  • Turnkey in-store dashboard lets you get started immediately and customize for your use case
  • Accurate enough to work for any store in any location - from dense cities to sparse suburbs, drive-up, parking, or walk-in

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