Workforce, Fleet Tracking, & On-Demand

Track workers or assets and power location-based workflows

Learn how Radar helps workforce, fleet tracking, & on-demand apps improve operations and drive business impact.

Improve operations, drive business impact

Workforce, Fleet Tracking, & On-Demand
  • Location-based content

    Show or unlock content when workers are in specific locations, increasing efficiency.
  • Location-based messaging

    Send location-based reminders and alerts, increasing efficiency.
  • Location-based search

    Power location-based search and address autocomplete, reducing cost.
  • Location-based operations

    Track workers or assets and power location-based workflows, increasing efficiency.
  • Location-based analytics

    Analyze productivity and segment workers or assets by location, improving analytics and targeting.

Integrating the Radar SDK was quick and easy and has proven to be a robust and reliable location tracking solution for our iOS and Android apps.

Scott Lemke, Distinguished Engineer, Ibotta

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