Last Mile

Last Mile is an end-to-end trip tracking and ETA solution for curbside and in-store pickup, built on Radar's industry-leading location SDK.


Want to get started quickly? Follow these three steps:

  1. Create geofences. Import geofences for your locations. Depending on your use case, a geofence might represent a retail store, a restaurant, a hotel, and so on.

  2. Integrate the Radar SDK into your app. Integrate the SDK into your app or website. When a customer places an order or taps "I'm on my way," start tracking and start a trip with custom metadata (like order ID, license plate, or car model).

  3. Install the arrival dashboard. Install the arrival dashboard at your locations to display active trips and ETAs with the custom metadata you set in the SDK. Optionally, create a webhook or enable server-side integrations to send Radar events to other systems.

Starting and stopping trips

Integrate the SDK into your app or website. When a customer places an order or taps "I'm on my way," start tracking and start a trip with an ID, a destination geofence, a travel mode, and custom metadata (e.g., customer name, car model, or license plate) depending on your use case.

When the order is complete or a customer taps "I'm here," stop tracking and stop the trip.

For example, on iOS:

// order placed or user taps "I'm on my way"
let tripOptions = new RadarTripOptions(externalId: "299")
tripOptions.destinationGeofenceTag = "store"
tripOptions.destinationGeofenceExternalId = "123"
tripOptions.mode = .car
tripOptions.metadata = [
  "Customer Name": "Jacob Pena",
  "Car Model": "Green Honda Civic"

// order completed or user taps "I'm here"

Trip events

Radar generates events when trips are started, updated (i.e., on every location update), or stopped:

  • user.started_trip
  • user.updated_trip
  • user.stopped_trip

Events include information about the user and the trip, including ID, status, custom metadata, and ETA. Events can be sent to webhooks alongside other events (e.g., user.entered_geofence).

From there, you might use events to trigger operational workflows or send events to other systems. For example, you might set up a webhook that sends ETA to an order management or kitchen display system.

Arrival dashboard

The arrival dashboard displays active trips for a specific destination geofence, including ID, custom metadata, and ETA.

The arrival dashboard is distributed as an enterprise iOS and Android app. Ask your customer success manager for a distribution of the arrival dashboard specific to your organization.


Have questions? We're here to help! Email us at [email protected].