Radar can send tags to and trigger notifications in OneSignal. You can create notifications triggered by tag changes.

Use the OneSignal integration to send location-triggered and location-targeted messages to increase engagement and conversion.

The OneSignal integration is available on the Team plan or higher.


On the OneSignal Settings page under Keys & IDs, copy your REST API key.

Then, on the Radar Integrations page under OneSignal, set Enabled to Yes and paste your API key. Note that you can set separate API keys for the Test and Live environments.

Whenever events are generated, Radar will call the edit device API and set tags in OneSignal. You can create notifications triggered by tag changes.

By default, Radar userId and deviceId do not map to OneSignal. To map users in Radar to devices in OneSignal, you must send the OneSignal player ID to Radar by setting metadata.oneSignalPlayerId. For example, on iOS:

let playerId = OneSignal.getPermissionSubscriptionState().subscriptionStatus.userId
Radar.setMetadata(["oneSignalPlayerId": playerId])

On Android:

String playerId = OneSignal.getPermissionSubscriptionState().getSubscriptionStatus().getUserId();
JSONObject metadata = new JSONObject();
metadata.put("oneSignalPlayerId", playerId);

User mapping

Radar User Field OneSignal Tag Name Type Example Tag Context Type
location.coordinates[1] lat number 39.525665
location.coordinates[0] long number -76.350663
segments[*].externalId radar_segment_external_ids string "starbucks-visitors"
topChains[*].slug radar_top_chain_slugs string "starbucks"
topChains[*].externalId radar_top_chain_external_ids string "123"
geofences[*]._id radar_geofence_ids string "5b2c0906f5874b001aecfd8e" Geofences
geofences[*].description radar_geofence_descriptions string "Store #123" Geofences
geofences[*].tag radar_geofence_tags string "store" Geofences
geofences[*].externalId radar_geofence_external_ids string "123" Geofences
place._id radar_place_id string "59302bcf8f27e8a156bd4f91" Places radar_place_name string "Starbucks" Places
place.categories radar_place_categories string "coffee-shop" Places
place.chain.slug radar_place_chain_slug string "starbucks" Places radar_place_chain_name string "Starbucks" Places
insights.state.home radar_insights_state_home boolean false Insights radar_insights_state_office boolean false Insights
insights.state.traveling radar_insights_state_traveling boolean true Insights
country.code radar_region_country_code string "US" Regions radar_region_country_name string "United States" Regions
state.code radar_region_state_code string "MD" Regions radar_region_state_name string "Maryland" Regions
dma.code radar_region_dma_code string "26" Regions radar_region_dma_name string "Baltimore" Regions
postalCode.code radar_region_postal_code string "21014" Regions
trip.externalId radar_trip_external_id string "123" Trip tracking
trip.destinationGeofenceTag radar_trip_destination_geofence_tag string "store" Trip tracking
trip.destinationGeofenceExternalId radar_trip_destination_geofence_external_id string "123" Trip tracking
trip.approached radar_trip_approached boolean true Trip tracking
trip.arrived radar_trip_arrived boolean false Trip tracking