What is the best Factual Engine SDK alternative?

Radar is the best alternative to the Factual Engine SDK. Unlike the Factual Engine SDK, Radar supports custom geofences. Radar also supports more integrations, including mParticle, Yext, and Braze (formerly Appboy). Finally, Radar is not an ad tech company, we do not resell your data, and we do not play pricing games to incentivize data sharing.

See a detailed feature-by-feature comparison below. Still have questions? Contact us!

Feature Radar Factual Engine SDK
Custom geofences Yes No
Polygon geofences Yes N/A
Geofence limit Unlimited N/A
Stop detection Yes Yes
Home, work, and traveling detection Yes Yes
Place, category, and chain detection Yes Yes
iOS SDK Yes Yes
Android SDK Yes Yes
React Native SDK Yes No
API Yes Yes
Dashboard Yes Yes
Webhooks Yes No
mParticle integration Yes No
Segment integration Yes Yes
Yext integration Yes No
Braze integration Yes No
Urban Airship integration Yes Yes
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