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Build best-in-class app experiences and drive revenue and loyalty with SDKs, APIs, and dashboards for geofencing, trip tracking, geocoding, and routing.

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The location data privacy leader, with tools for compliance, data minimization, and custom data retention.


Open-source SDKs with industry-leading accuracy, simple documentation, flexible APIs, and turnkey integrations.


Built for scale, processing 100B+ locations per year from 100M+ devices with enterprise-grade security and support.

Build best-in-class app experiences and drive revenue and loyalty with location

Arrival detection for pickup and delivery

Decrease wait times and increase repeat visits with solutions for curbside pickup, BOPIS, drive-thru, delivery, and more.

Trip Tracking

On-premise app experiences and contextual messaging

Drive engagement, app opens, and digital revenue with on-premise experiences and contextual messaging for loyalty, offers, and personalization.

Geofencing and Place Detection

Store locators and address autocomplete

Increase conversion and improve the user experience with solutions for store locators, address autocomplete, and more.

Search and Geocoding APIs

Loved by developers, easy to integrate and deploy

Configure geofences

Draw or import geofences or enable out-of-the-box place or region detection

Integrate SDK

Open-source SDKs with industry-leading accuracy and battery efficiency

Enable integrations

Turnkey integrations for marketing, operations, product, data, and in-store teams

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powers best-in-class order-ahead
increases notification open rates 10x
powers location-targeted offers

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